the abandoned planetarium

It’s a pity that the planetarium is going to be torn down tomorrow morning already! Bulldozer and wrecking ball are at the ready while you’re inside celebrating your last night in the location.



Your legendary times in the heating cellar of the building started a few years back when you discovered that the security doors had been installed incorrectly. Ever since you’ve been sneaking in at night to practice spraying. Meanwhile, the walls have been covered with paint from top to bottom and your creative excursions are drawing to a close. With your graffiti art, you contributed a lot to the shabby character of the room.



The planetarium has been vacant for many years. Old-fashioned furniture, curious instruments and outdated info signs are now decorating the once magnificent showroom along with traces left behind by generations of intruders and adventurers. 




+++We recommend that you play “The Abandoned Planetarium” with a maximum of 5 people.+++