Grandpa’s Legacy

Your Grandfather invited you over. He would like to distribute his heritage among his many grandchildren.

He loves riddles which is why he hid his favorite ones in his living room for you to find and solve within 60 minutes. If you succeed to find your way out before your time runs out you will receive a


Will you take up your grandfather’s challenge? 

With “Grandpa’s Legacy” an interesting room with a lot of demanding and classic riddles awaits you. It doesn’t matter if you are a logical thinker or if you enjoy gathering information – you’ll get your money’s worth. Just keep in mind that your grandpa is a person with a well thought out background and a vivid history.


Please notice that at least one of you should be able to understand German.

If your groups doesn't feel comfortable reading and understanding German, we recommend you to book the room "The Photographer" which is fully available in English.

Players about „Grandpa’s Legacy“

Greak Escape Room! We had a lot of fun, story and room gave us plenty to think about and the team was cool as well! Thanks to you!


- Anni Ladida via Facebook

This Escaperoom exceeded my expectations!

Many thanks for the great afternoon with various tricky riddles! Absolutely recommendable! We'll come back for the second room!


- Stefanie Grundmeier via Facebook

You did a great job challening, surprising and entertainung us. And you're super likeable, too.

Great Team! Keep it up! We'll defenetly be back for your second room. And this time we'll get out!!!


- Ellak Trehcop via