Here you can find an Overview of our Escape ROoms

Opas Vermächtnis Breakout Göttingen Room Escape

Grandpa's Legacy


Your grandpa has invited you over to his place.

He mentioned something about his legacy but he didn’t say anything specific.

Why is the living room locked all of the sudden and what does that 60 minutes countdown mean? You better hurry up and solve that mystery.

Der Fotograf - ein Krimi Breakout Göttingen Room Escape

The Photographer - a Crime Story


A crime happened in Göttingen.

A boy disappeared and we need your help as investigators to find him. The suspect is a photographer and there are clues hidden in his photo studio.

You have 60 minutes to find out the child’s whereabouts and to leave the room. Hurry or the criminal will catch you!

The Abandoned Planetarium


You're a well-known group of sprayers in Göttinge and your beginnings go back many years. Your favorite place to hang out and practice your art is the old Göttingen planetarium. Despite your protests, your time there is coming to an end. The crumbling building will be torn down tomorrow. After one last memorable night there you fell asleep and woke up to find the security doors closed and wrecking balls ready to smash the planetarium - with you still inside! You have one our to free yourself. Can you make it out in time?





We have several ideas for new rooms and will keep you posted on any news!