Gift cards

This is where you get your breakout göttingen gift card!

You’re looking for the perfect present?


Something extraordinary the recipient doesn’t do everyday?

No problem!


Choose the gift card option which fits your occasion best and we will send it to you.


If you need your gift card as quickly as possible, have a look at our Print At Home gift cards.


If you are all about the looks of your gift card check out our Postal Delivery service and we will mail your high quality hard cover gift card to you within a few days. Shipping costs will be added to your bill.


print at home

  • Receive your gift card within a few hours via e-mail
  • No paying for shipment
  • Print it out and fold it yourself
  • Video tutorial to craft a great present


We designed our Print At Home Gift Card so you can easily print it out yourself and fold it into a great present. Simply put it into an envelope and you are good to go.

If you need some inspiration we created a video tutorial which shows you the best way to craft your present.


You can also use this option to pay for your game online and in advance. Choose your gift card(s), pay via PayPal or any other online payment method and bring your printout with you. This way you won't have to pay any extra costs and you won't have to bring cash to your game.

postal delivery

  • Professional "Breakout Göttingen" design
  • Shipment within a few days via Deutsche Post
  • Ready to be given to your dear ones
  • You can also pick it up at "Breakout Göttingen" if you want to avoid postal delivery

Our creative team did a fantastic job designing our hard cover gift cards. The "Breakout Göttingen"-Design is fancy and makes them an ideal and complete present.

If your group consists of both students receiving a discount and of players paying the regular price, it makes sense to choose the respective gift cards, put them in the same basket and pay them altogether.

You can adjust the amount of gift cards in your basket.


Should the number of players change on the day of your game you can always add more money in cash for additional players or we use the extra gift card amount on other players of the group.

Please note that each gift card can only be used once for one person.