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How can we make a reservation?


You can make a reservation on our homepage. Please note that you need to book at least 12 hours in advance.

For exceptional cases we can arrange special appointments outside of our opening hours. Should you need to make a special reservation please contact us via our contact form or send us an email.

Will you really lock us into the room?


If you want to, yes. However, if you feel uncomfortable in small spaces we can easily leave the door unlocked. In our experience you will not think about being locked in as soon as you’ve started working on your first riddle.

What if we can’t get out?


Then the game is over, that’s all. There will be no Saw-like punishment or anything like that.

After 60 minutes are up your game master will let you out of the room and explain any unsolved riddles if you would like to know the solution.


However, we hope that the room’s story will encourage you enough so that you can win your race against the time.

What happens if we show up with more or less people than we booked the room for?


This isn’t a problem. You only need to pay for people who are actually playing. Knowing the size of your group beforehand just makes it easier for us to plan.

It’s also possible to use a gift card if its value is too high or low for your respective group. You can pay extra if the value is too low or transfer remaining value to other players. Please note that it’s not possible to change your gift card into cash.



Can children play?

We recommend our players to be 12 years or older if they want to play by themselves. We can adjust our room “The Photographer” accordingly. In these cases please contact us in advance (preferably via email) so we can prepare your room before you get here.


Kids younger than 12 can still play if they are accompanied by adults. Some elements of Escape Rooms, such as searching for clues, can be complied by kids as well.



Please note that our rooms aren’t designed to accommodate unsupervised toddlers.



How does the game work and how long are we going to be there?


You arrive at the time you made a reservation for. One of our team members will welcome you, explain the rules and the story of the room. As soon as there are no questions left the game starts. We will lead you into the room and close the door behind you. From this point on you have 60 minutes to find and solve all riddles. The game master can assist you by using a radio set.


After the game there is some time left for you to chat about your adventure and take a photo of your group.

Do you record the game?


No. There is a camera in the room which the game master uses to watch you play. The camera only sends a live picture and nothing is saved or uploaded on youtube.

Can you play with more than 7 people at the same time?


We really would like to make sure that everybody can enjoy the game. To make sure that every group member remains actively involved there cannot be more than 7 people playing at the same time in one room.

If you book two rooms though, a total of 14 people can play at the same time.

We didn’t limit the amount of players because there isn’t enough space within the room, they are spacious. We want to make sure that you can make the most out of your room escape experience!

Is your Room Escape Game creepy or dangerous?


No worries, it’s neither creepy nor dangerous. Here is some additional information on each room:


Grandpa’s Legacy“ is furnished like your grandpa’s living room. There is also plenty of lighting. You won’t play in the dark.


The Photographer – a crime story” could be a little more gloomy. This is due to the serious nature of the story itself. There is no reason to be scared though as the room is big and windows allow for plenty of light to get in.


"The Abandoned Planetarium" is a little different from the other rooms as the setting and atmosphere are completetely different: the heating cellar of an old and vacant building. As such, lighting is sparse and also, the room is smaller than "Grandpa's Legacy" or "The Photographer." For this reason, we recommend that groups of max. 5 people play the room. Still, no reason to be nervous!


What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to 48 hours prior to your reservation by following the Termin2Go link in your confirmation email. If you don’t have the email anymore or you made a reservation on the phone, please call us or send us an email.


We understand that sometimes unforeseen events come up and you have to cancel your reservation with short notice. We make exceptions for individual cases, however, we charge you 50€ per room if you don’t show up without giving us notice.




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