About Room Escape Games

live room escape games breakout göttingen raum

Escape Games were originally designed as online games but are also available as

real-life Room Escape Games.


We will lock your team into a room. This room contains a lot of mysterious furnishings, enigmatic items, various kinds of puzzles for you to solve and the key to exit the room.

You can only track it down by working together

as a team, by solving riddles and puzzles and by having a very close look at all items and furnishings within the room. Beware, because the clock is ticking and you only have 60 minutes to find the key!

  • One Room
  • One Mission
  • One Team
  • Various Locks
  • One Way Out
  • 60 Minutes

Who can Play?


live room escape games breakout göttingen freunde

As an established team it’s easy to find your way out of the room, right? 


We say it’s not. Take up the  Challenge of Breakout Göttingen and convince us that your group of friends has what it takes to succeed!


live room escape games göttingen

As colleagues you master everyday challenges together.

But can you master this special challenge as well?


Breakout Göttingen, Göttingen’s first Live Escape Game, offers you both a fun evening after work and the opportunity to improve your teamwork skills.

Extraordinary Dates

live room escape games breakout göttingen date

Coffee, drinks, dinner and a movie: some dates can be rather dull.


Breakout Göttingen is happy to help you spend an extravagant and exciting hour together which you two will remember long after.

A Party

live room escape games breakout göttingen

You’re planning a bachelor party but vendor’s trays and costumes aren’t really for



If you enjoy solving riddles and working as a team Breakout Göttingen is a great alternative. Start off your evening with us and be ready and alert for the rest of the night!


live room escape games breakout göttingen team

You won’t defeat the room working alone. Only if you work as a team you can handle our tasks within 60 minutes.


Breakout Göttingen is the ideal way for you to integrate new colleagues or to form a whole new team. Profit from this challenge in terms of teambuilding!

Excited to play?